Wanted Extensive VFX for Ruler Immediately!

Fri 22nd Nov 2019 07:34 AM

They Want Extensive VFX for Ruler Immediately!

Wanted VFX for Ruler?
Wanted VFX for Ruler?

"We want an extensive VFX work done for Ruler film immediately," protest some Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna's fans. But then, why this protest? The makers haven't promoted the film as a graphics based fantasy entertainer. 

In fact, the film has been made as a typical Balakrishna's commercial potboiler. VFX is no way needed for this film. As a matter of fact, Balayya can break box office records single handed without getting the help of VFX. 


However, fans and some movie lovers wish that Balakrishna's wig needs some corrections and it would happen with VFX only. "We don't mind even if the film gets postponed with the delay in VFX. But the corrections in hairstyling of Balayya Babu must be made," they advised to film makers.

Ruler is being directed by KC Ravi Kumar under CK Entertainments. Sonal Chowhan and Vedhika are playing heroine. The film is slated for release on December 20.