Pawan's Appeal to KCR on RTC Employees

Thu 21st Nov 2019 07:33 AM

Pawan Kalyan's Appeal to KCR on TSRTC

Pawan Kalyan's Letter to KCR on TSRTC Employees
Pawan Kalyan's Letter to KCR on TSRTC Employees

In a sheer disappointment with the ruthless government's adamant attitude on their strike, TSRTC employees had to call off their strike hopelessly. They eagerly wish to join their duties at the need of the hour. Having understood their plight, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan wrote a letter of appeal to the CM KCR in which he requested the CM to permit the employees join their duties.

"Respected KCR Sir, As RTC employees stated they are ready to join their services, you are requested to show mercy on them and direct them join their duties. Union leaders too represented me seeking my interference for their joining the services. Now that they have been in strike period for the past 40 days, the CM is hoped to let them join their services so that RTC would function completely. Furthermore, CM is requested to ensure their demands are solved," Pawan Kalyan said. 


KCR is likely to do the needful is done at the earliest.