Pawan & CBN Fight for This Kind of Telugu?

Wed 20th Nov 2019 10:46 PM

Pawan Kalyan and CBN Unethical Fight for This Telugu?

Pawan Kalyan and CBN's Unnecessary Fight Against EM
Pawan Kalyan and CBN's Unnecessary Fight Against EM

It is a known news that opposition parties like TDP and Janasena and some caste biased pro TDP media houses like 'Eena**, Andh** Jyo*** are making a hue and cry on English medium in government schools. They are trying to grab the attention of people with dramatic and sentimental expressions like 'Amma Bhasha', 'Telugu Jaathi Nudi', 'Mrutha Bhasha' and many other dramatic words. 

It's a crystal clear fact that both the parties have immensely worried if YSRCP would get an extreme mileage with its mind boggling decision of converting all schools into EM schools. Since the decision creates direct impact on crores of students and their parents and generate an extreme soft corner on the party, TDP and Janasena have inevitably united for a wrong cause. Their union is ethically wrong and no way a morale booster to anyone. 


For those people who oppose EM bluntly can go through a little glimpse on following points so that they can clearly understand how foolish to resort to an ugly movement against EM. 

There are a total of six subjects prescribed for  a school going child to be taught and they are Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social. Among them, Telugu, Hindi and English subjects are common for both TM and EM students. So the opponents should fight against English language being used in Mathematics, Science and Social. 

Much to everyone's shocker, most of the words in Mathematics and Science are difficult to be pronounced in Telugu. Moreover, they were adopted from a Sanskrit language but not Telugu. Words such as, అండాశయము, తరంగదైర్ఘ్యము, కణత్వచము, కణకుడ్యము, మస్తిష్కవలయము, త్వరణము, పౌనఃపున్యము, సకశేరుకాలు, అకశేరుకాలు, ఉండుకము etc. irritate everyone. Comparatively, their English words are quite easier. Are Pawan and CBN fighting for restoration of these words? If so, they are doing a great harm to children. 

If Pawan Kalyan and CBN heartily love Telugu to that extent, they should protest for fully equipped Telugu books' libraries in schools, school assembly in Telugu, grammar translation method of teaching (mix of Telugu and English languages in instruction etc.).