And Now, Janasena Insulting Govt.Teachers

Tue 19th Nov 2019 08:12 PM

Janasena Social Media Insulted Government Teachers

Janasena Insulting Government Teachers
Janasena Insulting Government Teachers
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It is a known speculation that Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has collaborated with TDP, caste biased media owners and caste pedda Ven**** Nai** to fight against English medium in government schools. However, Pawan Kalyan was hurled brickbats by EM supporters questioning him why he had joined his children in international EM school despite letting them admitted in TM schools. 

Nevertheless, Pawan Kalyan's official social media wing Shatagni Missile reacted on the question. They have come up with a strange counter. According to their tweet, government teachers have not that good knowledge and teaching prowess as private school teachers had. And then, government schools don't even have all the infrastructure and basic amenities. However, netizens have given fitting retort to Janasena Shatagni with following thought provoking defence. 

* Government teachers have two degrees. In private schools, most of the teachers do not even have a single degree.

* Government teachers face a competition of lakhs of teachers to get recruited in DSC.

* It's a business relation between a teacher and a student in private schools whereas its a soulful relation between a teacher and a student in government schools.

* In spite of being educated in international schools and other top institutions, many top celebs and sons of politicians can't acquire good knowledge and wisdom. Nara Lokesh stands the best example for this view.

* In fact, parallel EM sections were introduced in government high schools in 2008 itself. Had they been not introduced then, there could have been a death of government schools by now. Right now, the admission ratio of EM and TM sections are being maintained at 80 : 20. As such, there won't be a damage with EM schools as expected by Janasena and allied forces.

* And lastly, Janasena can fight for TM sections in private institutions like Narayana and Sri Chaitanya. They should also fight for TM sections in international schools like Oakridge schools. As a result, top celebs can happily admit their kids into international TM schools.

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