YS Jagan Creates History with Govt Schools

Thu 14th Nov 2019 07:16 PM

YS Jagan Creates History with Government Schools

YS Jagan's History with Government Schools
YS Jagan's History with Government Schools
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The AP CM Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy has made a historical move on November 14. He launched the much talked about programme 'Nadu-Nedu' which is intended to develop government schools on a war footing. The CM treated this programme as a reform in school education. He inaugurated the programme at PVR school of Ongole. Following is the list of changes to be done with existing government schools in near future and other excerpts of YS Jagan's speech.

* A total of Rs.3500 crores will be spent on government schools for every financial year. Previous TDP government would spend just Rs.20 crores for a financial year.

* With the advent of cellphones, internet and Robotics in near future, one can envisage the plight of Telugu medium students after 10 years.

* We'll make government schools as sacred temples.

* Drinking water, toilets, tube lights in classrooms, furniture, school compound wall and English labs will be provided in every schools.

* There will be green chalkboards instead of blackboards.

* Every section will be converted into English medium from class 1 to 6 for next academic year. Thereafter, one class each from class seven will be converted into English medium for every academic year.

* Telugu will become one of the compulsory subjects.

* A total of 45000 schools will be developed under 'Nadu-Nedu' scheme. Among them, a total of 15,700 schools will be developed in the first phase and the work will be completed by July, next year.

* There will be bridge courses for students to get them cope with the new medium.

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