Chiru Fitness Too Makes That Media Jealous

Wed 13th Nov 2019 09:56 PM

Chiranjeevi Makes That Media Too Jealous

Chiranjeevi Makes That Media Jealous
Chiranjeevi Makes That Media Jealous

There are some 'Cheap Andhra' online media houses which are mostly known for their zero ethical values in journalism. For an instance, these cheap media houses always cry on Megastar Chiranjeevi. Strangely, they find fault with every move of Megastar though in most of the cases hardly there were not any. 

Chiranjeevi has made youth even more inspired with superb dancing steps at the age of 60+ in his comeback film Khadi Number 150. And very recently, he made movie lovers shell-shocked doing some typical action sequences for Sye Raa Narasimhareddy. And his age was 64 then. 

Right now, Megastar is rigorously doing workouts to keep him more fit for Koratala Siva's film. At this juncture, aforesaid media dared to comment on Chiranjeevi's physique as well. "Pachcha kamerla vaallaki lokam anthaa pachchagaa kanipisthundi. That media is jealous of every aspect of Megastar and so are the cheap articles," analysed an observer. Following is the list of more reasons for that media's jealousy on Chiranjeevi.

* That media supports some criminal politicians who belong to particular caste. Since those politicians are something like 'Pipeelakam' in front of Chiranjeevi, that media developed hatred on Chiranjeevi.

* That media wished Megastar's number one position would be replaced by some other hero. But then, nothing of that sort happened.

* Besides, all mega heroes turned either superstars or stars.