TM & EM: Subject Wise Analysis

Mon 11th Nov 2019 09:52 PM

Telugu Medium Vs English Medium: Subject Wise Analysis

TM and EM Subject Wise Analysis
TM and EM Subject Wise Analysis
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Ever since the AP government released G.O.No.81 which intends to convert Telugu Medium schools into English Medium, every Tom, Dick and Harry started talking about the issue. On the other hand, opposition parties desperately tried to make the issue controversial so as to gain political advantage. Self proclaimed intellectuals like Chalasani Srinivas conveyed their voice against EM schools. Incidentally, the people who connected to the issue, viz. parents and students haven't responded on the subject. 

Well genuine educationists have come up with the pin point subject wise analysis on TM and EM schools. Checkout the following analysis.

TELUGU: The content and the syllabus prescribed for this subject is same for both TM and EM. As such, there is no damage done to TM or EM students with the new G.O.

HINDI: Like Telugu, Hindi textbooks are same for TM and EM students.

ENGLISH: Like Telugu and Hindi, English textbooks are one and the same to TM and EM students.

MATHEMATICS: This subject is based on various theorems, sums, formulae and calculations. Descriptive part is much lesser than the steps based sums and theorems. Hence, EM turns no barrier to learn this subject.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE: This is a part of Science. As in the case of Mathematics, PS also has many theorems, formulae and equations. English words in Science are easier to learn than Telugu words.

NATURAL SCIENCE: This is yet another part of Science. The words in TM are very difficult to spell and to articulate. Comparatively, English words in NS subject are so easy.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Since the descriptive part is extensive and many new words are included as part of curriculum, this subject turns out to be the toughest for a student who gets his Medium changed from TM to EM.

ANALYSIS: Having gone through above analysis, it has been understood that the argument that says EM schools would spoil Telugu culture, tradition and heritage is utterly trash. If at all, some teachers shed their laziness and to concentrate to get them fit into the EM classes, it'd be a cakewalk for them to teach EM sections. Besides, they need to get trained from English subject teachers. The government should ensure proper training is given to all subject teachers. Politicians, on the other hand, should not intervene in new education system so that students will be benefited.

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