Ayodhya Temple: Greatest Ever in the World!

Mon 11th Nov 2019 07:48 AM

Ayodhya Ram Temple: Greatest Ever Hindu Temple in the World!

Ayodhya Ram Temple The Greatest in the World
Ayodhya Ram Temple The Greatest in the World

The Apex Court's verdict on Ayodhya title suit paved way for the construction of Ram Lalla's temple soon. The Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas and the VHP have determined to ensure the temple would be the greatest Hindu temple of the world. Following are the highlights of the proposed construction of the temple. 

* The proposed structure will be 128 feet high. It will be 140 feet in its width and 270 feet in length.


* The temple's construction will reflect ancient India's capaciousness of culture and traditions.

* In fact, the temple's construction work was started way back in 1989 at Karasevak PuRam of Ayodhya. Many sculptors have been carving astounding sculptures for the past three decades with utmost dedication and perseverance. Sand stone is being used for the creation of pillars.

* A total of 212 pillars will be required across the temple and they will be assembled in two stages with 106 pillars each. Almost half of the pillars are ready while half are yet to be carved. The assembly of pillars will happen in two tiers with the top tier having a roof.

* The temple could even surpass the greatest structure of Somnadh temple of Gujarat.

* The Ram temple will have 5 entrances. They are Singh Dwar, Nritya Mandap, Rand Mandap, Pooja Room and the all important 'Garbh Griha' with parikRama. Ram Lalla, the idol will be placed on the ground floor, itself. Lord Ram and Sitha Devi's statues would be installed in the top floor.

* Though an official date of Mandir's foundation stone laying ceremony hasn't been announced, it's speculated that the construction work would start on the auspicious day of SriRamanavami next year and is likely to be completed by 2024.