Then NTR Failed, Now This Actor

Sun 10th Nov 2019 01:15 PM

Sree Vishnu Disappoints With Thippara Meesam


When Mahesh Babu, Puri Jagannath's Pokiri became a blockbuster, Meher Ramesh made Kantri with NTR. The film turned out to be a disaster at the box office. Later Meher Ramesh once again teamed with NTR and came with Shakti. This time he targeted Ram Charan's Magadheera. But he met with the same result.

This proves the fact that one should try to be different to score hits rather than trying to ape the same films again and again. One should come with Magadheera kind of film to beat Pokiri rather can come with another Pokiri kind of film.


To break Magadheera one should come with a film like Baahubali and to break Baahubali records one should come with a film that is something different and extraordinary. However, our filmmakers do not think on these lines.

Recently Thippara Meesam came and everyone got reminded of Arjun Reddy. The lead character has all the negative qualities like in Arjun Reddy but movie lovers did not get connected to the emotions as they got connected with Arjun Reddy.

When the lead character drags mother to court, viewers instead of sympathizing with him get angry. This shows that one should think out of the box to score hits.