Luring Hotties With Lucrative Offers

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Heroines Crossing Limits For Web Series

Heroines Crossing Limits For Web Series
Heroines Crossing Limits For Web Series

Digital streaming is picking up the pace and is turning out to be a newfound rage among genex viewers. So almost all the companies are competing for new content and are competing to attract viewers with new shows rather than those they already have.

Almost all of them believe in adult content as it sells the most. Since adult content has huge appeal and viewed the most on the streaming platforms, companies too are showing interest in doing adult shows and web series. So they are selecting Heroines who are not having film offers.

Calls are going to those hotties who have no inhibitions is skin shows. Offers are pouring to those hotties who are ready for everything except bareness. Heroines who are giving green signals are getting paid lucratively and who will not reject tempting offers amounting to lakhs rather than sit idle without any film offers.

Knowing that Heroines are getting tempting offers on digital streaming platforms, other aspiring young females too are crossing their limits.

Luring Hotties With Lucrative Offers - CineJosh Updated on Sat 09th Nov 2019 05:18 PM IST
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