These Are Advantages of English Medium

Fri 08th Nov 2019 07:47 AM

Advantages of English Medium Schools

English Medium Schools: Advantages
English Medium Schools: Advantages
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The AP government has taken a revolutionary decision to convert all MPP, ZPP and government Schools into English Medium Schools. Ever since the decision has been taken and the GO No.81 has been released accordingly, there has been a lot of hue and cry among a section of teachers and politicians. Interestingly, there has been no agitation from parents so far. In the meanwhile, top educationists have welcomed the government's gesture in providing need based quality education in government Schools. Following are said to be advantages of English Medium Schools.

* A couple of decades ago, there were only a limited number of English medium Schools. As such, students of Telugu Medium Schools would get good opportunities in higher education and jobs in many sectors.. In a complete contrast, EM Schools have got mushroomed in every nook and corner and are dominating the fray at the moment.. As a result, students of Telugu Medium Schools are lagging behind communication skills in English and which threw them into a state of an utter dismay. They are losing opportunities in higher education and jobs. At this framework, the government's decision will surely act as a catalyst and drives the students in achieving their goals. 

* As of now, the poor, down trodden and deprived children have got educated in only TM Schools. Henceforth, they can study in EM Schools and can show their prowess on par with EM students.

* Hereafter, government school students can write all competitive exams quite well than before.

* Students needn't face tough circumstances with the sudden change in medium in higher education. As we all know, top engineering and medical institutions of India offer the best education in English medium only.

* As English being a global language and forms a lingua franca, a student of EM school can interact with people of other states and other nations without showing any sings of hesitation.

* There will be no discrimination among the students of various castes and religions. Students of all castes and religions can get opportunities equally. 'Unity in Diversity' slogan of India can be practiced well with EM Schools.

* Private Schools will not dominate. Besides, private school fees will comedown drastically for sure.

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