Star Director Repeating Similar Blunder

Sun 20th Oct 2019 05:56 PM

Indian 2: Shankar Repeating Similar Blunder


Shankar finds his place in India's top directors' list. He endeared himself to all among all sections of movie lovers with powerful message oriented films. When anyone talks about experimental films, his name used to crop up. 

However, after Rajinikanth's Robot, his graph fell down drastically. The downslide continued with the flops of I and 2.0. Now even top producers are getting scared to team with him. This impact is falling on his next with Kamal Haasan, which is a sequel for their blockbuster Indian.


The makers first planned to turn Indian 2 into a big-budget project. However, after 2.0, reports came that producers and Shankar had differences and this resulted in the shooting coming to a complete standstill.

Shooting resumed after Shankar caved in under unavoidable circumstances. The film which completed two schedules will soon fly to Bhopal. The makers are planning to shoot high voltage action scenes and for one scene they are spending a whopping Rs 40crs involving Kamal Haasan and 2000 junior artists. 

Inside talk is Shankar is not heeding to the producers' repeated request to come down on the budget. The question is will extravagant scenes with not so strong storyline work wonders for Shankar.