Tips to New Journos on Sye Raa, Saaho

Thu 17th Oct 2019 11:55 PM

Important Tips to New Journos on Sye Raa, Saaho

Tips to New Journos on Sye Raa and Saaho
Tips to New Journos on Sye Raa and Saaho

Megastar Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa Narasimhareddy and Young Rebel Star Prabhas's Saaho are two pan Indian films released recently. Both the films were made with different concepts. The statuses of both the heroes are different. The pre release business of both the films are different. In spite of many such dissimilarities, some senior journos of online media houses (not all) have been making biased reporting for the past couples of months. Having seen such utterly collapsed reporting, some new journos wish to write genuine articles. Here are tips for them how to assess the exact ranges of Sye Raa and Saaho. 

* Firstly, Sye Raa should not be compared with regular commercial films like Saaho. It was a rarely made patriotic film which takes us to 18th century freedom struggle in India. That's why, politicians and people of high rank are watching the film. Films like Saaho can't get that respect and politicians don't even give appointment to regular commercial film makers.

* Before reporting on the statuses of films at the BO, new journos should get through the pre biz statistics of both the films. Did you know? Saaho did an exact theatrical pre release business between Rs.290 crores and Rs.300 crores. Sye Raa's theatrical rights, in contrast, were valued between Rs.170 cr and Rs.180 crores. In short, there's a difference of Rs.100 crores in the pre release business of both the films.

* New journos should not believe in the collection reports of AP's fake 'Box Office' collections websites, as they are working on caste biased factors.

* Did you know? Saaho's pre biz for Overseas was valued to $6M but collected just $3.2M in its full run (almost 50% loss). Sye Raa's pre biz for Overseas was valued to $4.2M which includes $3.4M in the US. The film collected around $3.4M so far which includes $2.5M US collections. Comparatively the losses are negligible with Saaho's losses. But then, aforesaid journos claimed both of them as disasters. Both were tagged into the same category of BO statuses. What kind of journalism is that?

* Did you know? Sye Raa had an own release in Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil Nadu. The film's Hindi version's pre biz is valued to Rs.20 crores (fake Andhra BO media mentioned it as 27 cr). And the film collected around Rs.6 crores in North India. But then aforesaid online media is writing in such a way as if the film sold out for Rs.1000 crores but collected Rs.10 crores.

* It is a common practice when a rare genre films are made, they are given great support by the media to encourage other film makers to make many more of such films. However, spoilers teased Sye Raa comparing with Saaho repeatedly.

* Most importantly, new journos should make out the fact that it's an age old jealousy on Chiranjeevi which prompts some senior journos making false reporting on Sye Raa and giving too much encouragement on a disaster film Saaho.

* New journos should report the exact fact that Baahubali series films are the exact reasons for Saaho's craze. Else, Rajamouli will also be humiliated. 

* If at all new journos study all the facts well, they will emerge as the best transparent content writers.