Strong Retort On Rana's Health Rumours

Tue 15th Oct 2019 06:01 PM

Suresh Babu steps in to rubbish rumours on Rana

Suresh Babu with Rana
Suresh Babu with Rana

Celebrities are always on the radar of the media who try to sensationalise even a small development. Even celebrities too request media to highlight them all the time if there are no develpments.

Celebrities enjoy all the limelight they get when positve articles appear about them, but when negative articles appear, they request with folded hands not to do so.


Of late, lies are getting spread like wild fire and there comes a situation when people started believing those rumours. Same thing is happening in case of Hot Hunk Rana Daggubati.

Fans got a huge shock when Rana who stunned all with macho looks and menacing expressions as Bhalladeva, turned extremely slim resembling a patient. This triggered rumours about his health and many reports came that Rana was suffering from kidney problem and he flew to USA for kidney transplantation.

These rumours did not stop despite clarification from Rana and his dad Suresh Babu. Now Suresh Babu once again decided to put an end to all these rumours. He said there is no truth in the rumours on his son Rana's health and he is not having any kidney ailments. He said Rana had eye problem in his childhood for which doctors at that time told that young kids can not tolerate surgeries and so he recently got a surgery performed to his eye.

He said since Rana got tensed after surgery, he suffered from BP and this resulted in his weakness. He added that Rana will soon return back to his normal self and regain his macho looks. Many felt had Rana and his dad Suresh Babu revealed this longtime back, these rumours wouldn't have spread in this manner.