A Hero Fans Show Hatred on Sye Raa! Mega Fans Retort!

Sun 13th Oct 2019 07:42 PM

A Hero's Fans Show Hatred on Sye Raa! Mega Fans Retort!

Mega Fans Retort to Hero's Fans
Mega Fans Retort to Hero's Fans

Until few days back, a star hero had no anti fans. On the contrary, his pan Indian films were encouraged by other heroes' fans including mega fans. Since there was an immense respect on the director and that star hero being a gentleman, there were no trolls by anti fans on that hero's films. Most importantly, other heroes' fans showed no interest in trolling that hero's films.

Meanwhile, Megastar Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa Narasimhareddy released recently and stood as a blockbuster. Some fans of aforesaid hero (not all) couldn't digest Sye Raa's success. As such, they tried to troll the film and even Chiranjeevi. They even went on speaking about body doubles. 


And this time, mega fans couldn't resist themselves giving a fitting retort to aforesaid hero's fans. Mega fans came up with interesting evidences to defend their points right. 

A CG expert's interview video was circulated by mega fans. The expert said that except a single animation, all other horse riding scenes of Magadheera were real whereas maximum number of horse riding shots of that hero's film were animated. 

Mega fans are also challenging that hero to exhibit all elements of performance such as emotions and comedy and voice modulation and dances. "A hero having no such skills cannot contend for a top position any time," they said.

Meanwhile, it's being alleged by movie lovers that aforementioned hero's fans unnecessarily involved in heated arguments with other heroes' fans which resulted negativity on the hero. Perhaps, that's why, the hero's latest offing stood as a huge disaster.