Producer Dared To Replace Top Star

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 01:39 PM

When Raja Babu Replaced Sobhan Babu

Sobhan Babu
Sobhan Babu
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Directors, Producers and story  writers used to carry lot of respect in the olden days. They dared to replace even top stars if they donot follow their diktats.

But things changed with the passage of time and now it is the otherway around. Pratap Arts Raghava introduced two greatest directors to Tollywood. They were Dasari Narayana Rao and Kodi Rama Krishna.

Raghava used to have his own way and never bothered or feared even of the top stars. If he likes a person, he gives away his car and asks him to enjoy but at the sametime he was particular about every penny spent. He was of the opinion that whatever spent should be seen on screen.

Raghava, Ekambareswara Rao used to make films with Vijay Bhat Movies. In most of their films SVR used to be the hero. They scored hits with SVR's Monagallaku Monagadu, Jagatjettilu, Jagatkiladilu and many others for which Dasari Narayana Rao worked for.

Raghava loved a story narrated by Dasari and promised that he would be the director for the film and that was Tata Manamadu. Raghava got director, story, dialogues, bound screenplay etc ready but was yet to finalise hero.

He was confident that Sobhan Babu who was upcoming would definitely give the green signal. SVR agreed for the grand father's role. Satyanarayana, Raja Sulochana, Anjali Devi all agreed for the roles. Vijaya Nirmala readily agreed on hearing that Sobhan Babu would be the hero. Finally when Raghava met Sobhan Babu,he too got excited and gave the green signal.

Sobhan Babu however had his own doubts. Though he was bowled by the narration of Dasari, he wondered whether the new director could film it perfectly on screen. At the last minute, Sobhan Babu told Raghava his inability to star in the film and asked him to excuse him.

Raghava turned furious and told Sobhan, "Babu, Choodu, ee cinemalo cheyyadam nee adrustham.. Nuvvu cheyyanante o koti pillani heroni chesi, bomma teesi aa bommani vanda rojuladista."

Sobhan Babu politely wished him that the film should do well for 200 days and left the place. Raghava at once finalised Raja Babu as the hero. Rajababu was shellshocked. Vijaya Nirmala was aghast. Vijaya Nirmala too like Sobhan Babu tried to walk out. However her husband Krishna did not agree. He told her to do the film saying it was a honor to work with a Producer like Raghava who was sincere.

Krishna after watching the film told Raghava that the film would do well for more than 200 days. The film went on to become super hit getting screened for 200 days and Raghava presented 8899 Fiat car to Dasari which he used as a sentiment.

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