Uranium & Hindi: Double Slaps to BJP

Thu 19th Sep 2019 07:37 AM

Uranium and Hindi Row: Double Slaps to BJP

Uranium and Hindi Give Double Slaps to BJP
Uranium and Hindi Give Double Slaps to BJP
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The ruling Bjp at the centre was busy receiving double slaps this week. "It was a tight slap on our left cheeks," says a Bjp activist rubbing his left cheek painfully. "It was a rude and intense slap on our right cheeks," another Bjp activist sheds tears unable to control the pain on his right cheek. 

But then why these dual slaps on the face of Bjp at the same time? "Rendu thingara panulu (Two childish acts) made Bjp  receive dual slaps this week," says an analyst. 

The first slap on Bjp was a due to Amit Shah's silly tweet on Hindi as a national language. On Hindi day, Amit tweeted, "India is a land of many languages and every language has its relevance, but it is important to have one language across the entire country that will be the country's identity abroad," tweeted Shah. 

Within no time, Amit Shah faced the wrath of people of all other languages while Tamil Nadu people exclusively launched a movement against Amit's words. Finally, Amit Shah took his words back. 

Environmentalists advised Bjp not to go ahead with Uranium mining at Nallamala forest as it would lead river Krishna merely polluted and Chenchu tribals disappearance. But then, Bjp paid no heed of them. Resultantly, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan initiated a rebellion against Uranium mining. Especially, netizens took Janasena chief's call quite well and took the movement next level with the hashtag, "SaveNallamala" which went on viral. On the other hand, celebs lent their voices against the proposed Uranium mining. 

The ruling TRS of Telangana state made out the protests and took a sensible resolution against Uranium mining and sent the report to the centre. The Bjp, appears to have taken aback with their childish decision. 

"Our top leaders are requested not to receive anymore slaps with their 'thingara panulu' (childish acts)," pleaded Bjp workers to their top leaders.

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