Vangaveeti Ranga's Murderers Unusual Deaths!

Mon 16th Sep 2019 08:05 PM

Vangaveeti Ranga's Murderers Unexpected Deaths!

Vangaveeti Ranga's Murderers Unusual Deaths
Vangaveeti Ranga's Murderers Unusual Deaths
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It is a known thing that then top politician Vangaveeti Ranga was assassinated by some people in 1988. Co-incidentally, his curse appears to have haunted his murderers. Checkout the following.

* A Politician, who was alleged to have been the key person of Ranga's death lost the general elections, 1989. Even though he won the general elections in 1994, he is said to have been backstabbed by his close relative. Resultantly, he fell into a state of frustration and was dead.

* An IPS officer, who was held responsible for Ranga's death, was killed by naxalites when the former was jogging.

* Another key personality's son was dead in a road accident. And the key personality committed suicide.

* A Krishna district's politician was dead in Golconda express's mishap. His wife too passed away within a week.

* Another criminal was killed by his close aide in Hderabad.

* A business man was dead in a fire accident in his company.

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