Prabhas To Fulfill His Uncle's Dream!

Sun 25th Aug 2019 12:37 PM

Prabhas In Bhakta Kannappa Remake

Prabhas Krishnam Raju
Prabhas Krishnam Raju

Prabhas' uncle Rebel Star Krishnam Raju is having a long-standing dream and it is coming out that Young Rebel Star is keen to fulfill it. It is known that Bhakta Kannappa happens to be one of the ever green hits in Krishnam Raju's career. He has been dreaming of remaking the film with his nephew Prabhas under his own direction. But due to some unforced circumstances, it did not turn into a reality.

Many are under the impression that the project did not take off as Prabhas was not interested in it. However Prabhas speaking to scribes rubbished all those rumors.


Interacting with the scribes, he clarified on Kannappa remake. He said after Saaho, he is starring in a romantic entertainer Jaan under the direction of Radha Krishna Kumar. He added that in future he would love to star in a film like Bhakta Kannappa. It is not clear whether Prabhas talking about Bhakta Kannappa is a coincidence or he really intends to do it.

Krishnam Raju many times went on record that he will remake Bhakta Kannappa with Prabhas at any cost. He long time back readied the script and also the story board. Now there is opportunity to turn the remake into a grandeur one.

But Prabhas' fans are worried at the prospect of Krishnam Raju directing Bhakta Kannappa remake. If Rajamouli directs such devotional entertainer, its range will increase. Better, Prabhas and Krishnam Raju work in that direction.