Pawan's Blessing to Amaravati! But Why?

Sat 24th Aug 2019 08:07 PM

Why Pawan Kalyan Supporting Amaravati?

Pawan Kalyan Supports Amaravati
Pawan Kalyan Supports Amaravati

A group of farmers from Amaravati visited Janasena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan at the latter's party office on Saturday and expressed their woes. Besides, they expressed suspicions of YSRCP's moves of changing the capital city. 

In the wake of AP minister Botsa Santyanarayana's statement that the continuation of Amaravati as a capital city would be decided by the CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Amaravati farmers are getting threatened by the government's intention on the capital city. Also, YSRCP's media is aggressively promoting that Amravati is a flood prone area and is no way safer to be the capital city. 

Nonetheless, Pawan Kalyan assured the farmers that he would demand the government to build the capital city in Amaravati only. He also made a commitment that he would agitate along with 28000 farmers of Amaravati in support of the capital city at Amaravati region only. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan promised the farmers that he would be visiting Amaravati on 30 and 31st of August. 

Why did Janasena chief stand in support of Amaravati? Why has he taken stand against the government? Checkout the following analysis. 

* De facto, Vizag is the best area that suits to be the capital city. Unfortunately, former CM Chandrababu Naidu's caste bias made him selecting three crop yielding Amaravati as the capital. Thereafter, the TDP government spent thousands of crores on construction of capital city. If at all the capital gets shifted now, all that money burns to ashes. 

* If any other area is selected the capital city now, the YSRCP government would spend thousands of crores which hamper the all-round development of AP.

* Rumours are floating around that capital city would get shifted to Kadapa or Kurnool. In such case, entire AP gets suffered due to various reasons. YS Jagan and his loyalists will become strong dictators and might not be in a position to pay heed of anyone's protests.

* Consolidating all these factors, Amaravati is inevitably the one and only option to be the capital city. That's why, Pawan Kalyan supported Amaravati.