Janasena Action! YSRCP Frightens

Sat 24th Aug 2019 07:12 AM

YSRCP Threatened by Janasena Legal Action

YSRCP Removes Fake Story on Janasena
YSRCP Removes Fake Story on Janasena

At last, YSRCP's over the board action gets ended with the Janasena's rebellious move. For the past couple of days, YSRCP has been maligning Janasena party through its official social  media account indulging in Goebbels Propaganda on the party and its chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

The latest fake story of YSRCP is more atrocious. The party alleged that Rs.2000 crore black money would be changed into white on the birthday of Pawan Kalyan.


This time, however, Janasena was furious over YSRCP. The party's Telangana leader Shankar Goud along with some Janasena leaders lodged a complaint at cyber crime police. 

Janasena's legal action warning made a strong impact on YSRCP. The party deleted all the abusive and fake content that cooked up out of hatred on Janasena. Those who browse YSRCP's social media account for fake story on Janasena, above page that reads 'Content not found' is visible.