Nag Escaped, Poor Rahul Is Blamed

Wed 21st Aug 2019 04:28 PM

Manmadhudu 2 Flop Result, Who’s Responsible?

Manmadhudu 2
Manmadhudu 2
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King Nagarjuna's Manmadhudu 2 tanked at the box office and its business is reaching the closing stages at the box office. Buyers did not get anything except paying the theatre rents.

The situation of Manmadhudu 2 is so pathetic that while the film did Rs 21 crs theatrical business, it is on the verge of stopping even before it reached half the share.

Now many are wondering who is responsible for the Manmadhudu 2 debacle. Generally, for any flop, the director will be held responsible. Nag's fans too are blaming Rahul Ravindran for the debacle. But for this film, rather than blaming Rahul Ravindran, Nagarjuna should be blamed.

Even before Rahul Ravindran entered Manmadhudu 2 project, Nag acquired the rights of the French film a year back and made his Annapurna Studious team to work on the script.

He then scouted for the suitable director and felt Rahul Ravindran who proved his mettle with Chi La Sow. Nag in a hurry called press meet and showered praises on Rahul and suddenly took up Chi Law Sow and ensured its release.

Everyone is aware that Rahul did not agree to remake the French film for Manmadhudu 2. He instead showed interest in coming with his own story. However, Nag pressurized him to do the remake and turn into Manmadhudu 2. He attached him to senior writer Satyanand.

The reason for Rahul Ravindran who came with a clean entertainer like Chi La Sow filling Manmadhudu 2 with adult content is due to the French original. Film sources say Nag insisted on doing Manmadhudu 2 with bold content to prove that he is still Manmadhudu and is very trendy.

But movie lovers rejected Nagarjuna's Genex Manmadhudu claims and showed him in the mirror and told him that he is not Manmadhudu but Muduru.

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