Mega Hand Powering Saaho

Tue 20th Aug 2019 12:49 PM

Ram Charan Share In Saaho

Ram Charan Prabhas
Ram Charan Prabhas
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Young Rebel Star Prabhas' Saaho is slated for a sensational release on August 30th. Many expected that there will be clash in promotions between Saaho and Mega Star Chiranjeevi's Sye Raa produced by Ram Charan.

But Ram Charan went into silent mode as Saaho makers increased their promos. To the top of it, Ram Charan following Saaho promotions closely and is planning to include Sye Raa trailer along with Saaho in the big screen.

Many wondered why Ram Charan is following Saaho closely. Inside talk is Charan is powering Saaho in a secret manner. Here comes clarity from sources.

One of the UV Creations partner is a close friend of Ram Charan. Apart from it Charan shares good bonding with Prabhas. He also has good relations with UV Creations. The producers of UV Creations are planning a project with Ram Charan.

Inside talk is UV Creations which invested huge amounts in Saaho ,at one time experienced financial pressure and during that time Ram Charan helped them and ensured that they will not face financial problems.

Buzz is when UV Creations put a proposal that they will take financial help from Ram Charan as a share and not as a debt, Ram Charan readily agreed. However Ram Charan maintained secrecy over his share in Saaho for some reason. But with Saaho nearing its release date, the secret got leaked. Inside talk is Ram Charan will get 10% share in Saaho profits.

Many thought that Ram Charan is studying Saaho promotions for Sye Raa but this is the real secret.

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