Jagan Feels Janasena Heat, Humiliated

Tue 13th Aug 2019 06:51 PM

Janasena Gets Unexpected Victory on YS Jagan

Janasena's Grand Victory on YS Jagan
Janasena's Grand Victory on YS Jagan
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AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's desperate attempt to bring faction politics in Konaseema area are utterly misfired. Also, his desperate attempt to suppress single Janasena MLA was also misfired and has given unnecessary mileage to Janasena, at once. 

Moreover, Janasena cadre's strength has also been glorified with YSRCP's foolish political vendetta politics. 

It is a known news that Razole MLA Rapaka Vara Prasad staged a protest in front of Razole police station demanding the release of Janasena activists who were arrested on the charges of playing card game. 

But then, police filed cases on Rapaka on various acts alleging that Janasena activists attacked the police station and broke the glasses. Even before to get arrested by the police, Rapaka, strategically, got surrendered before police. 

Here comes a huge jolt to the police. They took the Janasena MLA to the court. But then, the court expressed anger on the police questioning them how could they bring Rapaka when he was arrested under NBW act. Finally, nothing the police could do except to grant station bail to Rapaka. 

In the meanwhile, all the Janasena workers and leaders from East Godavari were united and were rushing to Razole police station. Power Star questioned why had YSRCP government kept mum on Nellore MLA who attacked a journo recently. Other leaders of Janasena are questioning why YS Jagan had been silent on his babai YS Vivekananda Reddy's murder. 

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan also planned to visit Razole to agitate on the illegal arrest of Rapaka. Nadendla on the other hand, was coordinating all the leaders and party's workers. 

Having seen Janasena's rebellion, YSRCP's EG leaders got shivers down their spines. Finally, the issue has been calmed up after Rapaka got the station bail. Janasena leaders feel this as the moral victory for their party while JS Jagan appeared to have felt extremely humiliated for this unexpected defeat.

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