The Name Baahubali Bringing Shivers

Tue 13th Aug 2019 03:39 PM

Prabhas Escaping Questions On Baahubali

Prabhas Saaho
Prabhas Saaho
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For a film of its range, Saaho needs huge promotions and the unit is leaving no stone unturned to keep up the strong buzz and hype surrounding it with never seen before promotional campaign.

Young Rebel Star Prabhas who is a shy person and doesn’t show much interest to interact with media is addressing press meets at various locations in India along with his heroine Shraddha Kapoor.

Although Prabhas is pretty confident of his film to make wonders at ox office, the thing that is worrying him is movie buffs, media and others comparing Saaho with Baahubali.

Wherever Prabhas is going, one common question he is being asked is will Saaho leave up to the expectations and reach the range of Baahubali. This question is bringing shivers down the spine of Prabhas who is worried whether the huge expectations will have any negative impact on the film.

Even Prabhas knows that, every film cannot become a Baahubali. The Rajamouli directorial has very special page in its name in the history of Tollywood. He is indirectly requesting everyone not to compare Saaho with Baahubali.

When audience have high expectations, nothing short of an engaging experience will please them. So, Saaho needs to thrill movie buffs thoroughly which is a mammoth task.

Directed by Sujeeth, Saaho stars Shraddha Kapoor romancing Prabhas. The film made on grand scale under UV Creations is scheduled for relase on August 30th.

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