Manmadhudu 2, Annamayya Similarities?

Mon 12th Aug 2019 01:24 PM

Nagarjuna Still Hoping On Manmadhudu 2

Nagarjuna Manmadhudu 2
Nagarjuna Manmadhudu 2
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King Nagarjuna's recent outing Manmadhudu 2 directed by Rahul Ravindran which released amidst huge expectations is reeling under huge negative talk not only from the critics but also from the movie lovers.

Even the collections are disappointing and Nagarjuna decided to promote the film in a big way unfazed by the criticism he is getting from all quarters for selecting such a script and indulging in lip-locks etc.

Much to the shock of all, the film unit celebrated the film’s success. Speaking at the event, Nag said, “I always craved for creativity in my career. I did Geetanjali as I did not like the roles in my films and the youth too did not like. For the first time I did Geetanjali away from the regular cinema. The film was a cult classic. But when the film released, it took time to get acceptance from the viewers.

During 1988 with no digitalization, people used to edit getting instructions in phone. In ceded, Geetanjali film starts with Jagada Jagada song. When asked the distributors revealed that since movie lovers do not like to know hero suffering from cancer in the first scene, they took their own decision. They added the cancer scene somewhere. However, finally everyone accepted the film."

Nag added, “Now everyone is saying Geetanjali is my best movie in my career and a cult classic. After Shiva, I did Nirnayam. Now everyone is praising Nirnayam but we know the problems faced during Nirnayam time. There are many such films and even you know them. In case of Annamayya, we reached a stage where we were unable to pay rents with low collections. Myself, Raghavendra Rao and Doraswamiraju rued a lot. We felt we did a very good film but even when we went on a tour it did not work out. But like a miracle from the 11th day, starting from matinee all theatres became houseful. Everyone knows how Annamayya turned a big hit and I got a national award.

I am not comparing Manmadhudu 2 with Annamayya. Vijay Bhaskar came to me after Manmadhudu release and told we went wrong somewhere. I told nothing like that since it was a different entertainer, new dialogues will take time to reach the people. Everyone knows how Manmadhudu turned out to be a hit. Similarly Manmadhudu 2 too will take some time."

However, in case of Manmadhudu 2, the film hardly has any chances to pick up with few noted films lined up for release in next week.

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