iSmart Shankar, Their Suggestion Worked

Mon 22nd Jul 2019 11:32 AM

iSmart Shankar Was Meant For Akash Puri

iSmart Shankar Was Meant For Akash Puri
ISmart Shankar Was Meant For Akash Puri

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is over the moon with the tremendous response his mass entertainer Ismart Shankar with energetic star Ram is getting at the box office. The director claimed that the moment he thought of Ismart Shankar, he had Ram in mind. However many say Ram was not the first choice for the film.

Puri penned Ismart Shankar story with lot of intensity and from his heart with vengeance after his dreams of launching his son Akash Puri in a powerful manner with a romantic entertainer Mehbooba crashed at the box office.


However, those who heard that story told Puri that the intense role of Ismart Shankar would be quite high for Akash and suggested to look for an established star. Puri while scouting for alternates came across Ram. The energetic star who insisted on having the character even more massy and bad boy style, Puri made changes in the story according to Ram's image.

Puri now revived himself coming out of the flops streak and many feels had he cast his son Akash as Ismart Shankar, the response wouldn't be so powerful.