Avengers Endgame Set to Become No.1

Sun 21st Jul 2019 12:00 PM

Avengers Endgame to Become NO.1

Avenngers: Endgame to Become Number One
Avenngers: Endgame to Become Number One
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Anthony Russo and Joe Russo's directorial venture Avengers: Endgame is all set to occupy top slot among the top grossing Hollywood films. Currently, the film holds number 2 position and its collections are almost on par with the world's highest grossing film Avatar. Following is the list of top five highest grossing Hollywood films.

S.NO. MOVIE'S NAME                       GROSS (IN DOLLARS)

----  ---------------                                 ---------------------------

1. AVATAR                                                   2,787,965,087

2. Avengers: ENDGAME                                2,782,984,193

3. TITANIC                                                   2,187,463,944

4. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS       2.068,223,624

5. Avengers: INFINITY WAR                          2,048,359,754

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