Vijay Deverakonda Did Over Action?

Tue 09th Jul 2019 11:33 PM

Is It Vijay Deverakonda's Over Action?

Vijay Deverakonda's Over Action!
Vijay Deverakonda's Over Action!
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When Vijay Deverakonda broke down on stage while he was narrating the heart touching story about his brother Anand Deverakonda's sacrifice, during the pre release event of Dorasani, even, Vijay's fans too broke down. 

While the rare moment touched and penetrated into everyone's hearts, some jealous critics took a dig at Vijay's speech citing following points. 

* Unless Vijay Deverakonda's family was rich or above middle class, they couldn't have sent Anand to the US for studies. 

* Anand was neither a daily labour nor a servant to anybody. Since he is earning lakhs, there is big deal of sending money to the family.

* If Vijay has that sort of gratitude on his brother, why hasn't he helped Anand the other way, instead of forcibly let him enter Tollywood?

* Vijay said he didn't promote his brother's film through his twitter page. But then, he must realise the fact that gracing a pre release event is on par with one thousand tweets. 

CONCLUSION: Finally, Vijay's critics made it clear that Vijay had gone overboard in oozing out his artificial emotions.

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