Manmadhudu 2 Teaser: 'Smoking' Hot Avantika

Tue 09th Jul 2019 09:31 AM

Manmadhudu 2 Teaser Review: Avantika As A Certificate Girl

Manmadhudu 2 Rakul Preet Teaser
Manmadhudu 2 Rakul Preet Teaser

Director Rahul Ravindran is following a template for promos of his film Manmadhudu 2 starring Nagarjuna and Rakul Preet Singh. In first teaser, Nagarjuna was initially shown as an innocent and decent middle aged man who in last portions shown as completely contradictory person as a Casanova who loves love making and doesn’t believe much in love.

Manmadhudu 2 new teaser introduces Rakul Preet Singh as Avantika. For outer world, Avantika is a beautiful and well mannered girl. She wears sarees and traditional outfits and respects elders. Nagarjuna exposes second shade of Rakul.

Rakul unbuttons her shirt and wears short and glamorous outfits. She is naughty as well. That smile when Nag tells her his love story is spiteful. “You can’t handle heartbreak at this age,” she says.

“Ippati Daaka U Certificate Prayathninchaanu… Ippudu A certificate Chupistha,” affirms Rakul hinting about her second shade and bold avatar in the film. Last frames show Rakul smoking a cigarette.

After the release of first teaser, ‘feminists’, excluding Rahul’s wife Chinmayi Sripada, criticized the director for not giving any space for Rakil in it. They clarified to release a special promo to introduce Rakul character. As promised, they came up with special teaser for Rakul.

The big question is how feminists will react to Rakul’s act of smoking!

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