She Single Handedly Dared NTR

Thu 27th Jun 2019 05:54 PM

Vijaya Nirmala Single handedly Dared NTR

Vijaya Nirmala NTR
Vijaya Nirmala NTR
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Tributes are flooding in from all quarters on late Vijaya Nirmala. It is known that Vijaya Nirmala left entire Tollywood tear struck with her sudden demise. She starred in more than 200 films and romanced her husband Krishna in 50 films and directed 44 films. She entered the world record for the most number of films by a female director.

Not only in films, Vijaya Nirmala also created a sensation in politics. She directed many political satirical films on the then CM of Andhra Pradesh, NTR who launched his party TDP in 1982. While almost entire film industry supported him, Super Star Krishna dared to be different. He supported Congress and fired many political satirical films on NTR.

Krishna came with films like Mandaladheesudu, Gandipeta Rahasyam, Sahasame Naa Upiri, Prajala Manishi etc. In Gadipeta Rahasyam, Vijaya Nirmala and Naresh played the lead roles while Vijaya Nirmala directed Sahasame Naa Oopiri and Prajala Manishi featuring Krishna in lead.

When Vijaya Nirmala happened to meet NTR at a marriage function, she interacted with him. Vijaya Nirmala recollected that NTR blessed her saying 'Em Vijaya Nirmala Gaaru, maa pai meeroo chitralu teesunnaru... santosham'. She said NTR took her political satirical films in a sportive manner.

Only Vijaya Nirmala had the guts to debut in NTR's film Panduranga Mahatmyam as a child artist and dared to come with films against him. She said NTR invited her for a lunch after he became the CM in 1994 and played a perfect and memorable host.

Vijaya Nirmala even entered politics by joining the same party she opposed. After Chandra Babu took over the party reigns from NTR in 1995, she joined TDP and contested the 1999 elections from Kaikaluru constituency, Krishna district. She lost against Independent candidate by 1109 votes. Vijaya Nirmala got 35509 votes while her rival Erneni Raja got 36,618 votes.

Later, she came out of active politics but Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala moved closely with the former CM of AP, YSR. Vijaya Nirmala longed to see YS Jagan as the CM but she rubbished rumors that she would join YSRCP. One can vouch that no female can do the daring acts enacted by Vijaya Nirmala.

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