Jr NTR Is Extremely Naughty

Mon 24th Jun 2019 12:27 PM

Karate Kalyani About Balakrishna, Mohan Babu, NTR

Karate Kalyani
Karate Kalyani

Karate Kalyani made a lasting impression on movie lovers with her performances in numerous films. She stated that many rumors on film stars were found to be untrue. She said there were negative rumors that Balakrishna would be furious in sets and even slaps in the sets and Mohan Babu troubles all with his discipline.

She says lies spread faster than truth tarnishing one's image. She revealed that Mohan Babu and Balakrishna are very good people and media highlights the incidents only when they lose their temper. She said both Balakrishna and Mohan Babu have lot of commitment to their profession and have their own talent.


Recollecting NTR's acts, she said, “NTR used to be extremely naughty in the sets of Aadi. He climbed on an assistant director and made him run like a horse. If he used to get hurt, NTR used to hug him. He used to do all naughty acts of a kid. He used to apply the blood on his hand to his shirt. It was fun for him. Once NTR got injured and blood came down from his hand. I was there with him at that time."

Currently, NTR is busy shooting for Rajamouli directing RRR co-starring Ram Charan.