iSmart Shankar Doesn’t Want To Suicide

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 11:49 AM

World Cup: iSmart Shankar Release Date Postponed

iSmart Shankar Release Date
ISmart Shankar Release Date

Dashing Director Puri Jagannath’s Ismart Shankar starring Ram, Nabha Natesh and Nidhi Agerwal got postponed from scheduled date of July 12th. The new release date is July 18th. Why they pushed the release date for six days? They changed their plans due to Cricket World Cup Finals on 14th July.

The cricket fever of World Cup 2019 has gripped fans all over the world, but no fans do it like Indians do, they take it up a notch. Whether it is the loudest cheers at a stadium, or the most commentary on social media during a match, Indian cricket fans make sure their presence is felt, so the support for their team doesn't go unnoticed.


Indians won’t just watch the matches India play, they will watch other important matches as well. More importantly, they won’t miss finals match which is expected to be between two best teams in the tournament.

During any mega cricket tournament, filmmakers make sure their film will not release by the time. Likewise, makers of Ismart Shankar are also doing the same thing. Releasing the film ahead of the finals is no less than a suicidal decision.