Director Exposes Top Telugu Stars

Thu 20th Jun 2019 05:52 PM

Tammareddy Bharadwaja Exposes Top Telugu Stars

Tammareddy Bharadwaja
Tammareddy Bharadwaja

Tammareddy Bharadwaja left a mark in Tollywood as a producer-director with films like Kotala Rayudu, Mogudu Kavali as a producer and Alajadi as a director. Speaking to scribes he exposed many top stars.

He said his entry into film industry happened accidentally. He said since childhood he was interested in films as his dad was in films and brother being a director. He said however he never went to shootings and one day it happened accidentally.


Tammareddy said, “I came with Pote Ponee on the contemporary issue but it didn’t do well. Later I came with Pratighatana. People didn’t see that too. As far as I am concerned I came with good stories but people didn’t like them. One cannot fault with the viewers. Sometimes I cursed people saying they don’t know how to watch good films. If I introspect, I feel we are not telling them according to their wishes."

On doing films with Chiranjeevi and other stars: “During that time, there used to be no difference between producers and stars. Everyone used to mingle as friends and worked as their own banner.

Dasari Naranaya Rao didn’t do a film but he played a small role in Swarnakka without remuneration. He used to do any event for the industry took me by his side.”

On his differences with Dasari, he said “Except fist fights everything happened. When I fought with him during one incident, he called to my landline and told my wife 'choodamma.. Bharadwaja nato matladi 15 rojulaindi. naa meeda edaina kopam unte vachi neruga potladavachu kada."

On his relations with NTR and ANR: "I had no relation with NTR. My father did films with him. I met once or twice later. However my brother shared good relations with him. I used to interact with ANR a lot. Dasari, Raghavendra Rao used to tell their upcoming stories to me. They expected suggestions from me by showing their rushes. I watched Premabhishekam, Srivari Premalekhalu within three days gap.

After watching Srivari Premalekhalu, I said it was good and went away. After watching Premabhishekam, Dasari and ANR were standing outside. I went away without speaking with them. Next day ANR came to the sets and asked 'Entayyaa. raatri cinema choosi matladakunda vellipoyavu'. I told 'sir cinema chusina tarvata naku edupu agaledandi. matlade paristhiti koda leka vellipoyanu sir. chala bagundi. super cinemanandi'. ANR asked 'patalu kooda levu kada..ela chebutavu'. ' Ledandi baga adutundi'. ANR said 'I feel Srivariki Premalekhalu will do better. I am planning to do this with Amitabh and Premabhishekam with Jitendra.' Ledu Sir. Premabhishekam will be a blockbuster. Other will be a small film". Everyone knows what happened.

ANR did Pilla Jamindar with Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. A club set was erected in Annapurna Studios. It was quite expensive. We asked the same set for 'Mogudu Kavali'. ANR told 'nuvvu Bharinchalevayya.. memu vese chargelu kattaleru'. "naa kosam tagginchi ivvachu kada'. ANR remarked 'I will not. nee cinemaku taggiste, Bharadwaja ku tagginchavu kada, maakenduku tagginchi iavvaru ani marokaru adugutaru. Danto maa madhaya unna sambandhalu debbatintayi. Aite, nee daggara enta unte ante ivvvu. Naa daggara unna material mottam free gaa vadukuni set chesuko'. When I went after two days for shooting, ANR was there and told 'Sorry Bharadwaja. Set late ayyindi. O ganta opika pattu set poorti chesi ichchestam'. He need not to say sorry but he told and that shows his greatness.'

On differences with Krishna: “For a film Satyamurthy provided the story. In that Babu Mohan was a fan of Silk Smitha. He will tell all the secrets. We have taken cinematic liberty and included a song in the climax. Right from the beginning, I and Krishna used to have arguments.

When I told him 'In Silk Smita song you shouldn't be there', Krishna used to say 'If I don’t appear in Silk Smitha song in my own film, fans will not agree. I should be there.

Even after shooting was wrapped except for the song, this discussion remained unresolved. Set was erected and we had another discussion. Krishna didn’t relent. One of my friend told 'udayam Krishna garito, sayantram Babu Mohan to pata teyi' I told 'I cannot shoot the song'. He said 'leave it to the choreographers and ask them to complete". I did the same.

We sent the song shot on Babu Mohan and Silk Smitha to the censor. Censor Board didn’t allow the song. Krishna unaware that we have sent Babu Mohan song remarked ' adi ela cut chestaru. Silk Smitha paata undali. Nenu censor vaallato matladata' and went to the Censor Board.

Subbarami Reddy was the Chairman of the Censor Board. He received Krishna and screened the song to him. Krishna got furious after watching the song. He understood that the song shot on him with Silk Smitha was not included. He at once came out and shook my hand saying 'No More friends'. Later Krishna called Silk Smitha and the song was shot and included in the film from the second week.

On lack of offbeat films in Tollywood unlike Bollywood: “Here people are scared of experiments. NTR and ANR used to star in good roles and never thought of records. Had they thought so, NTR wouldn't have come with Pichi Pullaiah or wouldn't have donned Ravana role. He always used to prove himself as an actor. Of late everyone is trying to create records. Films like Janatha Garage, Srimanthudu, Maharshi, Khaidi No 150 highlighted social problems without leaving commercial elements.

On Current directors: “Puri Jagannath in the beginning did good films. He used to show rebel inside him. I feel he spoiled girl and boy inspiring them to call each other 'orei..osei'.

Ram Gopal Varma elevated the standard of Tollywood with good films. Shiva was a cult film. Had we taken whatever I wrote, it would have come to three hours. But we trimmed it to two hours. Had the entire film been there, it would have done even better. That was my only disappointment.”