Director Exposes Inside Insults In Tollywood

Tue 18th Jun 2019 06:11 PM

Director Babji Exposes Casting Couch In Tollywood

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Babji who directed films like NTR Nagar, Veta Kodavallu, Raghupati Venkaiah Naidu made stunning and sensational revelations about the inside happenings in the industry.

Speaking about casting couch, he said, “Casting couch has been prevalent ever since the birth of the industry. It changed completely after the film industry shifted to Hyderabad from Chennai."

He continued saying, “In the olden days people used to come into films out of passion and to shine in the profession. During those days a star actress used to take the blessings of her makeup man every day. She used to show that respect as she felt that makeup man plays an important role in beautifying her on screen. Of late everyone is coming into films for craze."

On casting couch allegations, Babji analyses saying, "The reason for the increase in casting couch incidents is many are coming to the industry not out of love for acting or the profession but to do business using their beauty. They are coming with the feeling that their rates will increase if they appear in films and small screen. People are pulling such females into casting couch luring them that they will get more offers if they indulge in casting couch.

Till sometime back, casting couch menace used to be only with the directors, producers and heroes but now it spread like a virus among co directors, assistants, makeup men and cinematographers.

More than casting couch there is another virus in the industry. Many are using obscene abuses and vulgar language without caring that females are present around them. Many are using vulgar language while narrating the scenes to female artists. Due to this, many times female artists felt embarrassed. People are looking down artists in a low and cheap manner. Will they use the same words in front of their wives and sisters?

Some directors holding a mike while calling an artist are shouting 'aa lan... pilavandi''. Female artists are tolerating all these acts and working in the industry as they fear that opposing them may leave them in a lurch."

Recollecting an incident Babji said, “Recently an incident happened in a family known to me. When a director attended a function, he pulled an actress putting his hand on her waist and posed for the photo. Now her family life in a disarray and they are on the verge of splitting."

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