Saaho Teaser Review: Action Packed

Thu 13th Jun 2019 12:01 PM

Saaho Teaser Review Talk

Saaho Teaser photo
Saaho Teaser photo
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After mesmerising movie buffs and fans of Young Rebel Star Prabhas with two making videos- Shades Of Saaho 1 and 2 have come up with an action packed teaser today.

The teaser won't reveal the film's plot, but it hints that Prabhas will turn a savior for his love interest played by Shraddha Kapoor.

When she says, "Baadha ainaa... Happiness ainaa... Naatho share chesukovdaaniki evaru leru," for which he replies, "Nenunnanu."

As we reported earlier, Shraddha Kapoor has dubbed for her role, though it is her first film in Telugu. On the other hand, Prabhas is also dubbing for his role in Hindi version.

After introduction of the leading pair, the real hungama begins with back to back action episodes. The lavishness is witnessed in each and every frame.

Prabhas calls those who chase him are his die hard fans. Apparently, the film will have light humor. Both Prabhas and Shraddha looks stylish. The last sequence where Prabhas takes on a goon is a treat to watch.

All in all, Saaho teaser promises the film directed by Sujeeth under UV Creations Banner is going to be a feast for Prabhas fans and action movie lovers. The action episodes indeed are on par with Hollywood films.

Saaho Teaser will be screened in theaters from tomorrow. The film is scheduled for a grand release on August 15th.

Click Here to Saaho Teaser

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