TDP Jenda Peekeddam!

Thu 13th Jun 2019 06:13 AM

TDP to Disappear?

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Never ever in the party's history, Tdp tasted such a huge debacle which was witnessed by everyone in general elections, 2019. The party's winning seats number was confined to just 23 while the party won 3 MP constituencies. 

If at all inside buzz is anything to go by, many MLA Candidates are contemplating to defect the party. "Tdp Jenda Peekeddam," they wished. 

The BJP high command is very serious to get the party strengthened in AP. They wish the loser Tdp would be replaced by the BJP. As such, 'Special Category Status' was brought to light. It's now speculated that BJP would soon announce 'SCS' to AP state. In such scenario, there'd be no reason for Tdp MLAs and MPs join the BJP. 

De facto, many Tdp MLA have their business centres located in Hyderabad and other major cities of India. They desperately in need of the support of union governments and the governments of Telugu states. While most of the Tdp MLA mull over to join BJP, some more MLAs wish to prefer YSRCP. 

Leadership crisis is the biggest issue Tdp suffer with. As a matter of fact, Tdp got weakened post the defeat in 2004's electoral battle. Given an unusual and unexpected support of Janasena, the party could win the elections, 2014. If not Tdp would have disappeared in AP's political picture. Having analysed all these aspects, Tdp leaders are pondering, 'Jenda Peekeddam'.

Let's see if such political turmoil occurs within Tdp or not. If at all such situation happens, how can Chandrababu Naidu face it? Let's wait for a more days for more clarity in AP's future political picture.

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