Pawan Differentiates Evil & Honest Advice

Wed 12th Jun 2019 04:27 PM

Pawan Should Differentiate Evil & Honest Advice

Best Advice to Pawan Kalyan
Best Advice to Pawan Kalyan
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Advice are of two kinds. They are evil advice and good/honest advice. Evil advice are perpetrated to do harm or to exhibit hatred on others whereas good and honest advice are deliberated seeking the good/welfare of others. 

Ever since Janasena chief Power Star has been defeated in the general elections, every Tom, Dick and Harry have started giving many advice to him either directly or through social media platforms.

Obviously, Power Star encountered perplexity. As he received numerous advice, it has become a mammoth task for him to differentiate good and bad advice. However, team Shatagni is on their duty to get the best advice separated and to get them reached to Pawan Kalyan. Also, it is learnt that hatred filled and childish advice have merely been discarded by them. 

According to highly placed sources, followed are the best advice chosen by Pawan Kalyan's close aides. 

* Pawan Kalyan should be equidistant to TDP and YCP.

* He should completely focus on upcoming local body polls.

* He should not comeback to Tollywood.

* Janasena should checkmate yellow media's Goebbel's propaganda either by hook or by crook.

* He should reduce his level of intensity in speeches a little and should primarily target CBN and YS Jagan rather local MLAs and MPs.

* And finally, Pawan Kalyan should contemplate getting his thick beard shaved to get rough/cleanly shaven bearded look.

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