Wow! Media Forgets Naidu! Chanting Pawan's Name

Mon 10th Jun 2019 07:44 AM

Media Forgets Naidu! Chanting Pawan's Name

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

Is media reflecting the future political scenario of AP state with their latest biased articles? According to genuine political observers, the answer is 'yes'. 

As we are aware both TDP and Janasena were pulverized by YSRCP. Since Power Star Pawan Kalyan led Janasena got just one MLA seat, it was thought that media would take Janasena chief light and will ignore publishing articles on him. Instead, media was expected to give the news of Chandrababu Naidu.

Much to everyone's shocker media forgot CBN and is chanting Pawan Kalyan's name. Every move of Pawan Kalyan is observed by media and is giving its own implication on Pawan Kalyan's words and his review meets. Although some 'Odarpu Meets' are happening in TDP office, media hasn't made any news of it. 

What is the reason for media's importance to Janasena chief? It has clearly been understood by everyone that TDP is suffering from leadership problem. In contrast Janasena has a strong leader like Pawan Kalyan. In such scenario, the anti incumbency in the future will be made well use by Janasena but not TDP. Sensing this fact, YCP media got frustrated and is slinging mud on Pawan Kalyan's statements. Media's take on Pawan Kalyan makes Janasena fans go merry.