Telugu Actor Disrespects National Anthem

Fri 07th Jun 2019 10:06 AM

Actor Karthik Adusumilli Disrespects National Anthem

National Anthem In Theaters
National Anthem In Theaters

Kartikeya and Digangana Suryavanshi starrer Hippi hit the screens yesterday in a grand manner. Meanwhile, a movie buff attacked actor Karthik ahead of the screening of the film. The incident happened at RK Cineplex PVR in Road No 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Actor Karthik Adusumilli from Chitrapuri colony came to watch Hippi on Thursday morning at RK Cineplex.

Ahead of the film screening, National Anthem was played. Everyone stood as a mark of respect but Karthik remained seated. After the completion of the national anthem, RVL Sweth Harsh, a businessman from Padmarao Nagar questioned Karthik for not showing respect to the national anthem.


Karthik who took it seriously started abusing saying it was his wish and who was he to question him. Sweth Harsh turned furious and attacked Karthik. Theatre organizers and the security guards intervened and cooled both of them.

However, after five minutes, Karthik got up and started abusing questioning how dare is he to hit him. When Sweth Harsh attacked him, Kartik's wife who was next to him, stopped him. War of words increased and later Karthik lodged a complaint at Banjara Hills police station asking action against Sweth Harsh for attacking him and his wife.

Sweth Harsh too demanded action against Karthik for disrespecting the national anthem and then abusing him. Police registered a case and started their investigation.