Many Other Things Happened In My Life

Wed 05th Jun 2019 06:29 PM

JD Chakravarthy About Maheswari

JD Chakravarthy Maheswari
JD Chakravarthy Maheswari

Movie lovers cannot forget the romance between Jd Chakravarthy and Sridevi's cousin Maheswarai. They went on to star in films like Gulabi, Deyyam, Mrugam etc. During that time rumors spread that they were in love.

Jd Chakravarthy speaking to scribes clarified once again saying, “We are interested in speaking various things. But media only beat around the bush and ask only the things which interest them. We celebrities don’t create controversies but media want only look for controversies.


Many other things happened in my life but media stops at Maheswari and prick me on. I told many times that mother is God and she holds 3 M.As, 2 PhDs and became a top professor. But media is not concerned and is more interested in the non existing affair with Maheswari.

I am not blaming media. They highlight the issue which interests people and are good at sensationalizing a particular issue. There is no truth in the so called affair with Maheswari. But with our chemistry working in Gulabi, everyone started suspecting something. Had I had affair with Maheswari, I am not the kind to let her go in such a manner. We are just good friends and moved closely.

It is true that I fought with Krishna Vamsi for Maheswari. But sadly none of us could get her. But I didn’t reach a stage to have affair with her."

Jd Chakravarthy will be seen in a crucial role in Kartikeya starrer Hippi. Directed by TN Krishna, the film is releasing tomorrow.