Stars Murdering Overseas Golden Goose

Sat 25th May 2019 09:50 PM

Tollywood Overseas Market In Dire Straits

Tollywood Overseas
Tollywood Overseas
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People talk in awe and take notice when an Indian film collects Rs 100 crs. Under these circumstances, a regional film grossing Rs 130 crs in USA is an extraordinary event. Baahubali The Conclusion achieved this feat and showed the stamina of Tollywood in overseas.

However every film cannot reach the range of Baahubali but market for Telugu films is not that less. Gone are the times, when releasing a Telugu film in USA was talked as a great achievement. But over the last few years, Tollywood market increased tremendously and entering into million dollar club became a child play.

Even small films like Fidaa and Arjun Reddy surprised all by entering into not one but two million dollar club. But Tollywood makers now became the culprits for murdering the overseas golden goose. They tried to mint money in dollars and instead of concentrating on quality they started doing unnecessary hulchul with premiers increasing the ticket rates exorbitantly.

This had a negative effect on Tollywood overseas market. Entry of Amazon Prime digital platform too dented the market. People stopped watching the films buying tickets like they used to do earlier.

Till few years back, people used to go to theatres and watch films irrespective of the high ticket prices. Now they are waiting for the talk and then thinking twice before making a move.

Five months elapses this year and till now overseas buyers had only one blockbuster and that is F2. Apart from it Jersey got them little profits. Majili, 118, Lakshmi's NTR reached breakeven and films like Vinaya Vidheya Rama, NTR Kathanayakudu, Mahanayakudu turned out to be disasters. Maharshi makers are giving undue hype promoting it as a blockbuster but in overseas it is a disaster.

The film which should get 3.5 million dollars for breakeven is still struggling to reach even 2 million dollars. There is nothing to talk about other films in the next 5 months. It seems releasing Telugu films in overseas has now turned into a gambling.

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