Poor Kapus Missed Golden Opportunity Twice!

Thu 23rd May 2019 11:32 PM

Kapus Missed Golden Opportunity Twice!

Kapus Missed Golden Opportunity Two Times
Kapus Missed Golden Opportunity Two Times
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According to census 2011, the population of Kapus which include Balijas, Thoorpu Kapus and other communities of equal importance across AP, Kapus got 27% among total population. In such scenario, a Kapu leader must render his service as an AP CM at least once. 

Sadly, none of the kapu leaders has become the chief minister of AP state since 1956. 

However, Kapus got two golden chances to elect one among them the CM of AP state. In the year 2009, all time number one hero of Telugu film industry Megastar Chiranjeevi contested in the general elections after floating Prajarajyam party. Chiranjeevi gave importance to BCs and scheduled castes apart from Kapus. Sadly, PRP won just 18 MLA seats in the united AP. Even Kapus, who got more than 40% in number in both the Godavari districts, couldn't believe him and some of them voted against him. Resultantly, PRP lost the elections. In the subsequent days, Chiranjeevi understood Kapus had different mindset. At last, he merged his party into the Congress in sheer desperation. Of course, the wicked media took it an advantage and indulged in Goebbels propaganda that Chiranjeevi sold out his PRP into the Congress. Strangely, none of the media proved where that money was kept hidden by Megastar.

In the meanwhile, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan contested seriously in general elections, 2019. Unfortunately, his Janasena could win just one MLA seat. And more sadly Pawan Kalyan was defeated in both the constituencies where he had contested. 

Once again, Kapus played the spoilsport for a Kapu leader. For an instance, Kapus population is more than 40% in Prathipadu  constituency of East Godavari district. And did you know how much percentage of votes had Janasena secured? It's just 4%. Yes, you've read it right. 

Most of the Kapus at ground level speak much about 'Kapu Pourusham', Kapu's greatness in the history, Kapus seniority than Kammas and Reddy in history etc. Sadly, they have never understood that they are losing pourusham by defeating great personalities like Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

In fact, Chiranjeevi is earning hundreds of crores after returning to the film industry. And now, even Pawan Kalyan can earn thousands of crores if he decides to going back to Tollywood. But then, who are losing everything here? Needless to say, it's just most of the Kapus, who blindly developed strange attitude which turned as a bless in disguise to parties like YSRCP.

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