Exit Polls Biggest Help to Janasena

Mon 20th May 2019 05:07 PM

Exit Polls Helped Janasena Enormously

Exit Polls Helped Janasena
Exit Polls Helped Janasena
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When Megastar Chiranjeevi floated Prajarajyam party and contested in all 294 MLA constituencies, there was a huge sensation among political circles. Literally, PRP created tremors among ruling and opposition parties. 

As and when the polling was over, PRP activists across Telugu states pinned lot of hopes on the party get a magic number and Megastar would become the chief minister. Prior to the counting there were no exit polls done on the elections. As such, no one could predict the statuses of political parties until the results were out on the first and second rounds and subsequent rounds. 

As and when, PRP trailed in every round, mega fans and PRP workers went to the state of deep agony. Finally, PRP got its MLA seats victory confined to 18.

In a complete contrast to 2009's general elections, exit polls were disclosed by every Tom, Dick and Harry from media houses. Almost all those polls revealed Janasena would win just '0' to '5' MLA seats and '0' MP seats.

This time, mega fans got experience with media's jealousy and hatred on mega family. There was no surprise and no state of sorrow from them. Instead, they are jubilant for showcasing very least number of seats for Janasena.

At this moment, if Janasena wins '0' or '1' MLA seat, which is known on the day of counting, Janasena loyalists will not be shocked with the results. What if Janasena wins a respectable number of seats which are far more than exit poll predictions? Needless to say, Janasena activists and mega fans will troll every media house more than like anything. Moreover, their joy knows no bounds. 

Hence, dear fake psephologists from national and state media houses! Get ready to face trolls coz there is every possibility that it would happen due to your biased exit poll reports.

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