Don't Spoil Your Lives with Bogus Exit Polls

Sun 19th May 2019 09:02 PM

Don't Trust Fake Exit Polls

Fake Exit Polls! Don't Trust Them
Fake Exit Polls! Don't Trust Them
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Exit poll results have been out. The surveys indicated the victory of NDA at the centre, TRS in Telangana and YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. Particularly, AP general polls created great curiosity in Telugu states. 

As we predicted before, all the surveys specified YSRCP's victory and TDP's defeat. (Lagadapati's comedy survey ignored.)

All the media agencies unanimously mentioned Janasena's miserable failure. According to all surveys, Janasena would win 0-4 MLA seats and 'zero' MP seats. 

Having gone through these exit poll results some innocent people are readying to bet big on various political assumptions. However, AP's psychologists warn them not to trust on those surveys. They divulged what has gone before these Exit Polls.

* For a long time, TDP has been facing anti incumbency. Even a child could guess the party would be defeating pathetically in the elections. Based on this framework, fake psephologists from innumerable media houses gave 'Kaaki Lekkalu'. 

* This time, AP voters learnt acting. When the media agencies approached them, the voters got to know the info which party they belonged to. They told the same party's name for the media agency's satisfaction. 

* It's reliably learnt that most of the Janasena voters didn't reveal whom they cast their vote. 

* To sum up, if anyone, blindly trusts the Exit Polls, they will surely lose their money. 'DABBULEVARIKEE VOORIKERAAVU'. "So don't get your lives spoiled with betting folks," psychologists said.

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