Maharshi 1st Week Share & Pre Biz Analysis

Thu 16th May 2019 10:04 PM

Maharshi 1st Week Share & Pre Release Business Analysis

Maharshi First Week Shares and Pre Biz Analysis
Maharshi First Week Shares and Pre Biz Analysis
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Prince Mahesh Babu's Maharshi registered decent collections in its first weekend's run. Yet the film needs to get a long run with steady collections. Moreover, the film is struggling in some of the areas with below par collections. Checkout the following area wise analysis on the first week share and the pre release business of Maharshi.

* Maharshi did pre release business Rs.24 crores in Nizam area and it recovered Rs.21+ crores as per PR team. The film is expected to mint more collections in this area and attained super hit status in the territory. 

* In a complete contrast to Nizam area, the film is unlikely to reach break even in Ceded. The film was sold out for Rs.12.60 crores and has collected Rs.6.67 crores in this area.

* Maharshi needs steady collections for two more weeks in Nellore to get break even. The film was sold out for Rs.2.90 crores and collected Rs.2.09 crores. 

* Maharshi was sold out for Rs.6 crores in Krishna and accumulated Rs.4.28 crores so far. However, some trade people said the film collected Rs.3.62 crores so far.

* In Guntur, theatrical rights were valued to Rs.7.70 crores. The film collected Rs.6.43 crores so far. The film will reach break even in this area.

* The film collected Rs.7.49 crores in Vizag. It should cross Rs.9.60 crores to reach break even.

* In East Godavari the film span Rs.5.56 crores and it should breach Rs.7.20 crores for break even.

* The film has to go a long way for break even in West Godavari territory. The film collected Rs.4.33 crores in this area. It needs Rs.6+ crores for break even. 

* The film collected close to Rs.7 crores in Karnataka. It just needs Rs.1.50 crores more for break even.

* The film is said to be a solid hit in Rest of India with Rs.1.80+ crores collections. It was sold out for Rs.1.70 crores.

* The film collected Rs.9 crores in Overseas while it needs Rs.6 crores more to be termed as a safe venture and it is unlikely to happen. 

BOTTOM-LINE: On a whole, the film collected Rs.75 crores share in its first week. It needs Rs.30+ crores to get profits.

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