Maharshi Nizam: Nett = Share, Ceded: Gross = Share?

Wed 15th May 2019 05:04 PM

Anti Fans Doubts on Maharshi Collections?

Maharshi Collections, Doubts
Maharshi Collections, Doubts

Prince Mahesh Babu's Maharshi is rocking with abnormal number of collections in Telugu states with each passing day. Prince Mahesh Babu's fans are jumping with joy with the collections being revealed by film's PR team every day.

However, anti fans are coming up with interesting counters on the film's collections. According to them, PR team is showing Nizam nett collections as the share and Ceded gross collections as the share by mistake. They are appealing the PR team to deduct rents and hires and to show only share in respective areas.


But then, Mahesh Babu's fans are rubbishing anti fans' counters. "Anti fans are jealous of Maharshi's super duper mega success and that is why they are making faulty allegations. We sincerely request the PR team to add more collections for the movie without caring anti fans words," says a Mahesh Babu's fan.