Culprits of TS Intermediate Board Fiasco

Tue 23rd Apr 2019 08:19 PM

List of Culprits of TS Intermediate Board Fiasco

IS Intermediate Board Fiasco
IS Intermediate Board Fiasco
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"It's a massive goof up," alleged by lakhs of students and their parents who were exceedingly shocked with TS Intermediate results which were unveiled on April 18. There were countless students who felt their hard work, industry and aspirations had been out the window. 

Unable to bear an immense frustration, 16 students across Telangana committed suicides which threw their parents in distress. 

There have been thousands of students, who scored fairly good marks in their first year but stood as failed students or got below par marks in their second year. Some students opted 'Arabic' as their second language.  But then, their marks lists are shown 'Urdu' as their second language wherein the students were awarded 'zero' marks. 

Who are the culprits for this irrecoverable damage? Following people are said to have been the culprits. 

* It's being said that numerous unskilled examiners were deployed for valuation of answer scripts which resulted in rock bottom transparency in evaluation. 

* Much to everyone's shocker, a private agency named Globerina Technologies was given an opportunity to computerise marks through OMR sheets. Many parents are complaining that this private firm is the sole reason for the fiasco.

* And lastly, the officials and the top politicians of the government haven't responded quickly on the issue which resulted in the loss of 16 precious lives and built frustration among lakhs of students.

What Should TS Government Do Immediately?: Firstly, the CM should respond right away to build confidence among the students and then the government should ensure re-valuation of answer scripts of victim students should be done with free of cost. Online server issues should be checkmated straightaway. And lastly, the government should give an opportunity for second year students to get their marks improved in the supplementary examinations scheduled in the month of May.

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