CBN, Jagan, Media Cheating Voters on Betting!

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 08:04 PM

Naidu, Jagan, Media Cheating Voters on Betting!

CBN, Jagan and Yellow Media Cheating Voters!
CBN, Jagan and Yellow Media Cheating Voters!
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If you are regular viewers of TV channels or voracious readers of newspapers, you can experience innumerable statements made by TDP leaders and YSRCP leaders on post poll predictions. 

For an instance, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has been proclaiming that the party would win around 150 MLA seats. The ministers and other big leaders of the party too kept on affirming that the party would win 120 MLA seats in the worst case. 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, however, has gone a bit overboard getting a chief minister board prepared for himself. He and his party's men further went on asserting that it would be a cake walk winning 120+ MLA seats. 

And now, what is yellow media doing here? A pro TDP merugaina Samajam channel has desperately been trying to project the fight would be just between YS Jagan and Cbn. Besides, the party has deployed intellectuals like Undavalli Arun Kumar to make sure he would reveal his poll predictions. As a matter of fact, Undavalli has never been a good predictor nor an astrologer like Lagadapati on this issue. Further more Undavalli made some silly analyses on the peoples verdict which is rarely been seen by people from him. 

Similarly, all other pro TDP channels are giving such an impression that TDP would win or stand at second position in the elections with a respectable number of MLA seats. On the contrary, Sakshi media is glorifying YCP more than like anything. 

And now, just imagine the situation of a TDP bhakth or YCP's devotee watching the positive predictions on their favourite political parties? Having been inspired by media, Cbn and YS Jagan's statements, some innocent voters are seen betting big for their favourite parties. 

What if the voters lose thousands or lakhs in betting? Some people of tender-hearted may commit suicides. 

That's the damage being done by yellow media, Naidu and YS Jagan to poor and innocent voters. 

Contrary to media, TDP and YCP's post poll predictions, Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan has taken a wise decision not to reveal any numbers on MP and MLA seats. He said he doesn't want people to get provoked for betting and so has decided not to announce any numbers. This is high time, yellow media, Cbn and Jagan learned a lot from Janasena chief.

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