Media Benefits This Vote Share to Janasena!

Sun 21st Apr 2019 09:29 PM

Yellow Media Adds This Vote Share to Janasena!

Yellow Media Adds up Some Vote Share to Janasena
Yellow Media Adds up Some Vote Share to Janasena
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Perhaps, this could be the first of its kind survey! 

Post the general elections, every Tom, Dick and Harry have been conducting surveys on the winner of Andhra Pradesh. 

Some stereotype survey reports which are in favour of TDP say TDP would get power again with 150 MLA seats. "Now that the party deposited Rs.10000 each to DWCRA group women under Pasupu Kumkuma scheme and pledged many welfare schemes prior to the elections, voters thronged to polling booths in maximum numbers and cast their vote to TDP," says a TDP's loyalist. 

YSRCP's sympathisers are asserting that the party would easily win 120 MLA seats. "Since the party distributed big money to the voters in every constituency and YS Jagan is supported by Dalits and youth in big numbers the party is heading for a landslide victory,' says a YSRCP's follower. 

Aforesaid survey reports are quite frequently seen in pro TDP and pro YSRCP's caste biased media. In contrast, both the media merely ignored Janasena

"This particular factor turned a bless in disguise for Janasena," a reliable and genuine psephologist confirms. 

"Did you watch 'Bharat Ane Nenu' film? When Prince Mahesh Babu was taking a dig at yellow media, there were whistles and warbles from audience. It simply betokens that people were vexed with media's feudalistic stands," says the psephologist. 

"Likewise, most of the neutral voters and the voters who had been loyal to TDP and YSRCP all these days but now are eager to see a change in the system were highly impressed with Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's criticism on yellow media during his public meets. As per our sources, yellow media unintentionally offered around 10% vote share for free of cost to Janasena which is just in addition to Pawan Kalyan vote bank share," the psephologist confirms.

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